Toblerone Milk Chocolate 100g


Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar is a Swiss milk chocolate with honey & almond nougat of Switzerland. Perfect for an afternoon treat. Also available in a 35g bar, 200g, and 360g blocks.

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Product details of Toblerone Milk Chocolate

  • Perfect chocolate gift for every reason.
  • Taste the deliciously smooth chocolate made with a glass of fresh milk with every half pound of chocolate.
  • This is a birthday present to share with friends and family.
  • Every chocolate product is made entirely from chocolate.
  • Suitable for those with high-quality ingredients.

Utterly delicious, so creamy, dreamy. Chocolate is the delicious stuff that makes dreams. Who said this is boring? This classic chocolate is chalked full of chocolate specifications. Smooth and rich, and right to chocolate matter. A delicious cookie. Just one bite will take you to comfort, satisfaction, and casual fun. It’s rich, smooth, creamy chocolate that gives you more joy with every taste


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