• Hand hygiene is an important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs wash your hands with Nivea soap for 20 seconds at least, regularly
  • Enriched with glycerine to protect your skin’s moisture Nivea soaps can be used by everyone in the family
  • Can be used by men or women

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Now experience a mild hand wash with the NIVEA Creme Soft soap. Pamper your hands with the soap with the unique fragrance and selected ingredients from the original NIVEA Creme. The Soft soap cleans and cares for your skin gently thanks to the formula with provitamin and care oils. In contact with water, the soap foams into a velvety foam with a mild fragrance. For gentle cleaning and care: NIVEA Creme Soft soap.

  • NIVEA Soaps have a Total Fatty Matter (TFM) > 75%, which means that they have a higher cleansing efficacy. The higher the TFM, the better the soap.
  • NIVEA Soaps are gentle on the skin. They are gentle products for people who are prone to allergic reactions and breakouts.
  • The NIVEA CRÈME Soaps can be used to wash hands as well as the body.
  • It can be used by men and women


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