• Made of 100% Food Grade and BPA-Free PP Plastic
  • Larger Capacity Mould Holds.
  • Durable and Simple to Clean.
  • Tray Dimension – 15 x 12 x 16 cm


The ice pop molds are designed for easy to use and clean, totally non-stick, and dishwasher safe. Keeps pop from tipping while freezing after frozen individual pops fit neatly in the freezer to save space. Enjoy yummy ice pops with 6 easy-to-fill no-drip popsicle molds with drip guard and no need for popsicle sticks, the whole family can enjoy all-natural frozen treats.

Plastic Reusable Popsicle ice candy mold Tray with sticks, candy maker, a candy ice stick tray, candy ice cream (6 Mould)

Make your own flavor of Ice Popsicle or Kulfi, Candy, or Ice Stick at your Home, You could try tasty and nutritious options like orange juice, bananas, yogurt, blueberries, and chocolate milk with ice pop molds and create your own unique frozen treats by using juices, purees, yogurt, gelatine, fruit, ice cream, pudding, jams, and jellies.


ENJOY YUMMY ICE POPS YEAR ROUND With 6 easy-to-fill no-drip clypeus Popsicle molds with drip guard and no need for Popsicle sticks, the whole family can enjoy all-natural frozen treats.


  • DURABLE & SIMPLE TO CLEAN Just put our Popsicle mold & the tray in the dishwasher!
  • Material: Food Grade PP Certificate: HAP
  • Healthy, Fruit-filled Treats that are FUN to Eat!
  • Making your own Popsicle allows you to enjoy time with your kids creating new treats.
  • In addition, you can make healthy, low-sugar snacks that are easily stored in the freezer until used.
  • These pop molds hold over 3 ounces of juices, yogurt, smoothies, and fruits (or vegetables!) – Just the right size for kids and satisfying for adults as well.
  • NO MORE STICKY HANDS these ice cream molds are designed to make drip-free ice creams and give a clean, no-mess experience. Molds keep your fingers and clothes free from sticky drips.

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