GOREE WHITNING FACE WASH with avocado and Aloe Vera


  • Suitable for all skins.
  • Allows skin smooth, and silky.
  • Dermatologically reviewed.
  • Clean of 100% Acid.
  • It removes dead skin that can dry, roughen, and dull skin texture.
  • Skin looks young, safe & light with continuous use.
  • It’s a technical success recipe.


Do you want to get healthy and radiant skin? So without waiting, try Goree aloe vera face wash. The most important of aloe vera face wash benefits is that it makes the skin look and feel lighter and healthy along with a radiant glow. Wash off all tiredness and pollution away from your face.

Goree face wash contains aloe vera extracts in it and comes at an affordable price. It easily rinses away makeup, leaving impurities behind, leaving no residue of dirt behind. It leaves the skin fresh, cool, and calm. It works like a good moisturizer that smoothens the skin.

It shows fresh radiant skin that everyone wants. It has a pleasant smell, refreshes the skin, and reduces acne and pimples. It comes in attractive packaging that is so travel-friendly that you can carry it with you.

It makes the skin free of infections, as it works as a disinfectant. The skin is refreshed when the cleansing effect of Neem mixes with aloe vera. If you have oily / combination skin then this is a must product


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